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Article Cornerless Violin

This is my modern take on the ‘cornerless’ violin. Characterized by simple, flowing lines and a clean,  minimalist head.  Although they’re unusual, they’re part of the tradition of the violin family and have probably existed since the violin was first created. Even Stradivari made a few cornerless instruments.

The archings, thickness and f-holes are based on Stradivari’s work. The outline of the violin is based on a full-cornered model by Guarneri del Gesu

Do cornerless violins sound as good? I build my cornerless with convex corner blocks on the inside of the ribs, to keep the mass at  the corner positions the same. Some of the best violins I have made have been cornerless.

The back of this model measures 356mm and the string length is 328mm.

For more images of this model

Niall Murphy playing his cornerless.    Link to Niall Murphy.com