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Violin & Viola d'amore maker

Recordings and videos of Daniel Ross Instruments

Here is a recording of my copy of the Chardon Casadesus 14 string viola d'amore built for and played by Dieter Binkert. In this case it is set up with special Casadesus Tuning.  Dieter has recorded all 24 preludes on his YouTube channel. To hear more of this instrument, see my article Casadesus Tuning

Niall Murphy playing his 5 string violin. Link to Niall    

 Niall Murphy playing his cornerless. Link to Niall    

Yvain Delahousse playing his 12 string viola d'amore (model Delahousse). CLICK For more images of this instrument



Shane Lestideau playing my  5 + 5  viola d'amore "Hybride".

Link to

Shane Lestideau playing her 4 + 4 "violin d'amore". A violin with 4 sympathetic strings Link to